znam- app for learning Slovene

I had an idea to create an app for learning basic slovene, and with the help of group of students from UL members we have developed interactive mobile app for learning slovene, named ZNAM. App ZNAM is based on visual and audio learning, is simple to use and appropriate for all ages, no matter what is the user’s mothertongue. App allows the user to learn basic slovene and to grow vocabulary. We collaborated with Slovenska filantropija who helped us to develop app that was suitable for refugees and their needs when they first interact with slovenian language.

The project was awarded with Prešeren award for students by Academy of Fine arts and design Ljubljana, 2018 

Creator and supervisor: Andreja Kranjec

Illustrations: Manca Flajs, Matija Cipurić

Graphic design: Sara Bezovšek

Programming: Bine Repše, Matic Repše

Vocabulary: Kaja Boštjančič

Mentors: Franc Solina, Marija Nabernik, Sašo Sedlaček, Urška Perenič, Goran Ivašić, Tina Velišček