Transitions are main part of our lives. We encounter them day by day, year by year. When one thing is in transition, we still see both layers, the one from the past and the one from the future. The beauty can be seen in a hurtful moment of change that is present with special flow of energy. 
In  project Transitions I wanted to show the beauty of individual’s own perspective on the state of being present and dreamy in the same time while changing. By mixing different art techniques we explore the fragility and vulnerability of that process which reaches its fulness with music and light, and comes back grounded when meets the concrete work of art and realises itself.
The transitioning process is a firework of colours, and it shows how powerful can this experience be, how intense and clearly can we percept, and what do we get by engaging hearing and sight. When transitioning we all feel both surreal and very present in the moment and feel the one with our body, world flow and time.

Video: Andreja Kranjec 

Music: Rafael Llanos