the last party at TOK – zadnja zabava v TOK-u

How to live when you know you are dying?

The last party is the series of works that focuses on the contemplation about life and death.

We are put in this world and we try to make meaning of it, connecting the dots of what surrounds us.

TOK is a former factory of organic acids in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia. It was built in 1955 and it was working until 1990, giving work to many habitants of the city, including my grandfather who was at that time building our house, just across the street. Tok was infamous for the environmental damage with waste that still appears in the surroundings of the city as a horrible smell.

TOK is going to be demolished and new memories will be written. Its purpose is done.

I made it a goodbye party with fifty red balloons.

What is happening around us is constantly changing. The things we bought, the buildings we built, people we know are not here forever. How to find meaning in this paradox?

We can make it lighter and play through it with humour, trying to find laughter even in the darkest times. We should give importance to the smallest, most boring moments and memories of life and make them bright for ourselves. In the meaningless world we need to create our own meaning. This can be art of life.